NeuralBuild and the Java DAO Pattern

NeuralBuild and the DAO Pattern in Java



The standard files generated by the NeuralBuild DAO Java generator are the following :


  1. Value Objects

  2. Exceptions

  3. DAO Factory

  4. RDBMS DAO Factory

  5. DAO


  7. Java server page (.jsp)

Business Factory

NeuralBuild generates a Business Factory on top of the DAO layer. The Business Factory “wraps” the DAO Layer, exposing a clean Business Object layer to developers.

Composite Objects

In Addition to the standard DAO Pattern, NeuralBuild also generates composite objects and the DAO Pattern layers for these objects. Composite Objects represent composites of more than one Value Object. The generated DAO Pattern layers for Composite Objects are “read-only”.



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Java DAO Sample
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